Iceland Airwaves 2014


And so it begins, the steady, slow, and suspenseful drip of revealed artists for Iceland Airwaves 2014 has begun. Yes the festival is nearly still on the other side of the sun but names have been released and tickets are available.

Just like last year, I will be doing blog posts on the Icelandic bands involved, as well as maintaining a page with links to all the Icelandic bands music.  You can see the 150 Icelandic bands that played last year here.

Iceland Airwaves is my favorite music festival of the year. Instead of having a field or pit with robots copycompeting outdoor stages, the gigs are in actual venues spread throughout Reykjavik.  You are surrounded by musical choices from early afternoon to the early morning of the next day, in cozy joints like the Kex hostel, underground bars such as Bar 11, and of course larger event halls such as Harpa.  Yet you can stop to relax and take in the beautiful country you’re in at any time.  And while you may think going to a music festival in Iceland is cost prohibitive, Icelandair nicely wraps up package deals with prices ranging from the budget minded to the luxury seeking.

So, the first 17 bands that have been announced,  The Icelandic bands announced are: Mammút, Samaris, Grísalappalísa, Muck, Snorri Helgason, Tonik, Vök, Just Another Snake Cult and Highlands.  Bands from other parts of the world are:  East Inda Youth, Jungle, La Femme, Jaakko Eino Kalevi, Tiny Ruins, John Wizards, and Blaenavon.

flaminglipsAccording to the Iceland Airwaves website, there are two, yes TWO headlining bands.  The Flaming lips have been revealed, but we’re all going to have to wait on baited breath for the reveal of the other.  Typically band announcements get better and better as the year goes on, so starting off with this band really makes one wonder what the festival has up its sleeve.

If you want to see my photos from last year’s festival you can go here.  And if you would like to read all of my blog posts from last year’s festival go here.

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