About Me

Thanks for stopping by, I like to take photos of bands, and I love to listen to bands.  So voila, here’s a blog.

This blog is about Icelandic musicians and the music they play.  It’s about the bands and musicians that I dig, so there tends to be minimal negativity, it’s just a resource spot for music.  I like to write about bands,

So why an Icelandic-specific music blog? Not to say others don’t, but I find that the Icelandic music community consistently has heart, rarely follows a model, and they never seem to lack the ability to improvise and get excited on stage. It’s commonplace to hear a spontaneous tweaked riff, or to see them start banging, blowing into, or stroking some odd looking device to create just the right sound pulling something off that they probably were only 20% sure would work. And if it doesn’t work? They laugh about it and go at it again.  Simply put – Icelanders make music fun.

Most recently, I’ve started a record label, I suppose a put your money where your mouth is type of thing.  Theory of Whatever Records is the label, http://tow.is is the website.

1 thought on “About Me

  1. wordsbyannierose

    Hey there! Love your blog! You might be interested in some of the articles I’ve posted on my blog profiling Icelandic musicians, including Pascal Pinon, Olafur Arnalds and Valdimar.
    Keep writing!


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