Golly gee, I’m in the Grapevine Ma

I had suggested to Grapevine that they write an article encouraging us as the festival attendees to support Icelandic bands playing Airwaves.  They then suggested that I, a non writer, write the article.  I replied, what the hell I’ll give it a go.

Historically, Icelandic bands were not paid to play Airwaves, doing it for the exposure and because they love their craft, and I felt someone should talk about it.  This year’s festival has been running smoothly, and for the first time, all Icelandic bands were paid for their performances.  This is an awesome development by Airwaves that I’m very pleased with.

I think it’s still key to support our local musician hosts so they can continue doing what they do.

You can read my article here on the Airwaves Grapevine blog:



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