Icelandic Bands of Iceland Airwaves 2017

Iceland Airwaves is coming up soon and this year is shaping up to be awesome.  Unlike past years, Iceland Airwaves will be in two cities this year, Reykjavik and Akureyri giving festival goers a chance to see more of the island.

88 bands have been announced so far of which over 50 are Icelandic.  For many reasons you are going to want to prep for the festival, listening and learning about new bands and I hope this page helps.  As more and more bands are announced I may narrow the genres into more specific sounds.

Here is my list of Icelandic bands loosely sorted by general categories.  Each link will take you to their Airwaves base page with links to all their music.  So explore away and prep for the upcoming festival:

Categorizing some bands can be extremely difficult as they run borders are freely through genres, so if you feel a band needs to be moved into a different category let me know and I’ll change it.

Electronic: DJ / Dance / Atmospheric / experimental
Án Andartak Bistro Boy Chevron
Cold Frank Murder Futuregrapher Gunnar Jónsson Collider
GusGus Kosmodod Octal Industries Óðinn
Ohm PASHN Púlsvídd Röskva
Ruxpin Subliminal Sycamore Tree Thor
TRPTYCH Vector Yagya
Rock: Rock / Pop / Singer/Songwriter / Indie / Dance
200.000 Naglbítar Ásgeir AUÐUR aYia
Between Mountains Deep throat choir Emiliana Torrini & the Colorist Fai Baba
Fox Train Safari Godchilla Guðrún Ýr Hey Elbow
Hildur Hugar JFDR Kiriyama Family
Mammút Maus Milkywhale Nilüfer Yanya
Omotrack Paunkholm Phlegm Ragga Grönda
RuGl Rythmatik SiGRÚN Snorri Helgason
Soffía Björg TSS Tusks Una Stef
Hardcore / Metal / Punk / Garage Rock / Prog Rock
For a Minor Reflection Gróa Hatari Hórmónar
Kælan Mikla Kontinuum Korter í flog Pink Street Boys
Tappi Tíkarrass Tófa Une Misère
Hip-Hop / Trap / R&B / Rap
Alexander Jarl Alvia Islandia Aron Can Birnir
Chase Cyber Elli Grill Emmsjé Gauti
Fever Dream Geisha Cartel GKR Glowie
Ider Joey Christ JóiPé og Króli KÁ-AKÁ
Rari boys Shades of Reykjavik Sturla Atlas Halldór Eldjárn

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