And the bands keep coming for Airwaves ’14

10607889094_a598cfa7b3_oAnother chunk o’bands have been released.  This brings the announced total to 124, 63 of which are Icelandic.  A lot of Icelandic veterans playing this year such as Sóley, Prins Póló, For a Minor Reflection and Validmar, and there are even more newbies that I look forward to hearing.

As the list is getting bigger, I am going to break down my Iceland Airwaves reference page into a few more categories hopefully later today, definitely by the end of the weekend.

You can see the full line up On the Iceland Airwaves site.  And you can see the broad genre breakdown of the Icelandic artists on my Iceland Airwaves 2014 page.   You can read all my posts on Iceland Airwaves here, and see my photos from 2013 here.

I have a few hopeful Icelandic bands I am still holding out for such as Knife Fights, Ghostigital and Boogie trouble, but I am really enjoying the roster so far.

So get your tickets, it always sells out, and the longer you wait, the less options you will have for hotels and housing, it definitely is one festival where the more of an early bird you are, the better your choices are.

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