Kraftwerk to close Iceland Airwaves 2013


More Airwaves news today,

The lovely German pioneers of electronic music, Kraftwerk are closing out Airwaves this year. And for you gits that think a band can’t still bring it after 40 some odd years of playing, they just did their entire catalog over 8 days at the Tate Modern to rave reviews. For me, this is a great addition to the Airwaves festival.  As always, you can find the entire line-up here. And you can purchase hotel/flight/festival packages here. To learn more about Airwaves you can visit their website. And you can find them on Facebook as well.

It’s really tough to describe a Kraftwerk show, and finding video of it can be difficult as well.  So I am going to suggest that you check out the photos on their website, and I’ll leave you with Das Model, because, well…  the video always cracks me up.

If you care to, you can always follow my blog, I plan on doing write ups on most, if not all the Icelandic bands that will be attending Airwaves, as well as other Icelandic bands.

Airwaves is looking great, still one of my favorite parties of the year.

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